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remove non-portable chmod

'chmod --reference' is not available on Mac OS X.

Keeping the original file and directing edits into it preserves permissions and removes the need to chmod.

(Tried 'sed -i' for inplace editing but unfortunately it isn't portable either.)

(cherry picked from commit 873051e)
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1 parent c4be51d commit 06be39a28c72fa4f2632194fec6f0463f1e718e0 @DanLipsitt DanLipsitt committed with rwmjones Jan 21, 2014
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@@ -51,10 +51,9 @@ done
if [ -n "$output" ]; then
- mv "$output" "$output.tmp"
+ cp -p "$output" "$output.tmp"
# Remove dependency_libs from output.
sed "s/^dependency_libs=.*/dependency_libs=''/" < "$output.tmp" > "$output"
- chmod --reference="$output.tmp" "$output"
rm "$output.tmp"

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