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LibIndic Stemmer

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LibIndic's stemmer module may be used to extract stems of the words in a sentence. It is implemented in a rule-based model and follows iterative suffix stripping to handle multiple levels of inflection. Right now, it supports Malayalam language only.


  1. Clone the repository git clone https://github.com/libindic/indicstemmer.git
  2. Change to the cloned directory cd indicstemmer
  3. Run setup.py to create installable source python setup.py sdist
  4. Install using pip pip install dist/libindic-stemmer*.tar.gz

Note: Prefer using virtualenv for installation as the library is in experimental stage


Input: String <str> containing words word1 word2 word3 ...
Output: Dict <dict> of the format
    'word1': {
                        'stem': 'stem1',
                        'inflection': ['tag1', 'tag2', ...]
    'word2': {
                        'stem': 'stem2',
                        'inflection': ['tag1', 'tag2', ...]

>>> from libindic.stemmer import Stemmer
>>> stemmer = Stemmer()
>>> result = stemmer.stem(language='malayalam', text=രാമന്റെ വീട്ടിലേക്ക്')
>>> for word, output in result.items():
...    print word, " : ", output['stem'], " : ", output['inflection']
രാമന്റെ  :  രാമൻ  :  ['SAMB1']
വീട്ടിലേക്ക്  :  വീട്  :  ['MISC1', 'ADH1', 'UDH1']

For more details read the docs