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SECIO implementation in JavaScript

This repo contains the JavaScript implementation of secio, an encryption protocol used in libp2p. This is based on this go implementation.

Lead Maintainer

Friedel Ziegelmayer

Table of Contents


npm install libp2p-secio


const secio = require('libp2p-secio')



The current secio tag, usable in multistream.

const encryptedConnection = secio.encrypt(localPeerId, plainTextConnection [, remotePeerId] [, callback])

  • localPeerId: PeerId - A PeerId object containing the Private, Public and Id of our node.
  • plainTextConnection: Connection - The insecure connection to be secured.
  • remotePeerId: PeerId - A PeerId object containing the Public and/or Id of the node we are doing the SECIO handshake with.
  • callback: Function - Optional, Called if an error happens during the initialization.

Returns an encrypted Connection object that is the upgraded plainTextConnection with now having every byte encripted.

Both plainTextConnection and encryptedConnection are at their base, PullStreams.

This module uses pull-streams

We expose a streaming interface based on pull-streams, rather then on the Node.js core streams implementation (aka Node.js streams). pull-streams offers us a better mechanism for error handling and flow control guarantees. If you would like to know more about why we did this, see the discussion at this issue.

You can learn more about pull-streams at:

Converting pull-streams to Node.js Streams

If you are a Node.js streams user, you can convert a pull-stream to a Node.js stream using the module pull-stream-to-stream, giving you an instance of a Node.js stream that is linked to the pull-stream. For example:

const pullToStream = require('pull-stream-to-stream')

const nodeStreamInstance = pullToStream(pullStreamInstance)
// nodeStreamInstance is an instance of a Node.js Stream

To learn more about this utility, visit


Feel free to join in. All welcome. Open an issue!

This repository falls under the IPFS Code of Conduct.



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