ERPNext application for Switzerland-specific use cases
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ERPNext application for Switzerland-specific use cases

ERPNext ( is a global, leading, cloud based open source enterprise resource planning software. ERPNext is a trademark by Frappé Technologies.

The ERPNextSwiss application adds country-specific features to this platform such as bank, tax and payment integrations.

For more information, refer to


GNU Affero General Public License, refer to LICENSE

ERPNextSwiss is developed and maintained by libracore and contributors. The copyright is owned by libracore and contributors. The software comes as-is without any warranty.


Requires an ERPNext server instance (refer to


From the frappe-bench folder, execute

$ bench get-app
$ bench install-app erpnextswiss


Run updates with

$ bench update

In case you update from the sources and observe an error, make sure to update dependencies with

$ bench update --requirements


  • Banking
    • Bank wizard: processes camt.053 and camt.054 files to payment entries (including linking to related documents)
    • Payment proposal: create payment files based on open purchase invoices (pain.001)
    • Direct debit proposal: create payment files from direct debit enabled sales invoices (pain.008)
    • Payment reminder: create payment reminders for overdue sales invoices
    • Bank import: allows to import bank account statements to update local payment entries (receiving; csv or camt)
    • Match payments: match unpaid sales invoices with the corresponding payments
    • Payment export: allows to create payment files for banks (pain.001) from payment entries (paying)
    • support for QR and ESR invoices
  • Tax
    • Import monthly average exchange rates, daily exchange rates (ESTV)
    • VAT declaration
  • Human resources
    • Salary certificate ("Lohnausweis")
  • General tools
    • Postal code lookup
    • Script-based data import
    • Large data import tools
    • Dynamic newsletter content

Release notes

Refer to

Data protection

Please note that the provided sample QR code invoice uses a libracore server to process QR codes according to ISO 20022. The server is located in Switzerland, the invoice details will be transmitted to the server for processing.

Please use a personal QR-code generation server to prevent data being sent to libracore. The source code is available from