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The Libraries Firehose

The Firehose is a streaming API that gives developers low latency access to Libraries’ activity without the overhead associated with polling a REST endpoint.

Each event constitues the release of a package in one of the supported platforms.

It implements the HTML5 Server-Sent Events / EventSource API.

Sample clients in the examples folder. And a running example here.



Only the http is supported at the moment so if you connect from a secure page make sure to allow mixed content. CORS is supported.

Event stream format

event: pkg
data: {"platform":"String","name":"String","version":"x.x.x","package_manager_url":"URLString","published_at":"ISString","project":{"name":"String","platform":"String","description":"String","homepage":"URLString","repository_url":"URLString","normalized_licenses":["String"],"latest_release_published_at":"ISOString","language":"String"}}
Example Data:
    "description":"Bastion provides a UI library of AngularJS based components designed to integrate and work with Foreman.",

From the standard:

The event stream is a simple stream of text data, which must be encoded using UTF-8. Each message is separated by a pair of newline characters. A colon as the first character of a line is, in essence, a comment, and is ignored.

More info here.

Try it

curl -i http://firehose.libraries.io/events