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Update influxdb-php. This allows support for influxdb 0.11.0. I've not tested it against any previous versions other than latest.

geordish added some commits Mar 29, 2016
@geordish geordish Squashed 'lib/influxdb-php/' changes from 9698292..5facc95
5facc95 Merge pull request #42 from tuupola/no-dev-master
b52d2cb Do not courage installing dev-master
0b88830 Merge branch 'release/1.3.0'
ce4a39b Changelog 1.3.0
22ff83e Merge pull request #38 from influxdata/feature/travis
0448a6d Fixed order contributors
1934531 Travis container-infra and php 7
42ba3a0 Merge pull request #37 from influxdata/feature/fix-testsuite
18f1c3a Fixed wrong orderby tests
9dc71c0 Merge pull request #35 from skazi0/order-by
f20ec57 Merge pull request #36 from skazi0/reserved-dbnames-fix
2232e47 Updated dependencies, added testscript
110ae56 added explicit testing of reserved keywords quoting
fa4b7e7 added test
a8cffeb - fixed tests - added more name quoting
223dc0f Update README.md
8375b67 added orderBy to query builder
07ce381 added quoting of dbname in queries
a2d6301 Fixed issue with listUsers, added getColumns and added unit tests
430d3e2 Fixed issue with intval function on 32bit php
ac12b98 Updated travis/codeclimate links after org rename to influxdata
5b2b53f Added support for 32 bit systems and added setters/getters for Point fields
5da903f Bumped version to 1.1.3; added support for symfony 3
9109fa2 Merge pull request #32 from sc0rp10/master
2fc58a6 change symfony/event-dispatcher version to 2.*|3.*
b1201e9 Merge pull request #27 from mermetbt/master
351c1a1 Leave booleans lowercase.
44b1fbc Merge pull request #26 from andig/fix-24
20bd2e7 Fix check timestamp format and add unit tests.
5ddab42 The Guzzle driver now throw an exception when the response has an invalid return code.
7c0f681 Fix multi-point encoding on windows
82b7540 Merge pull request #20 from iGusev/patch-2
2f83ba0 Improved test coverage
cb45f82 Modified readme for 1.1.2
99cf644 Merge pull request #23 from influxdb/ISSUE-21
b0ee796 ISSUE-21 - Fixed issue with authentication not working for write operations
a0d4215 Added groupBy method to QueryBuilder
b3cfd74 Added support for 0.9.4; added getlastQuery; added database if not exists support
22fda13 Merge pull request #19 from iGusev/patch-1
e96bb6d Code formatting
03b4cea Merge pull request #18 from cnelissen/escape-invalid-characters
6bb8e25 Merge pull request #17 from cnelissen/write-falsey-values
dddf3c7 Escape invalid characters
7e23035 Allow falsey value
29b13ed Changed version from 1.0.2 to 1.1.0
87e284c Updated changelog
df5d181 Added support for 0.9.3rc2
4f3f99c Merge pull request #16 from erwinw/patch-1
b1eb0b2 Update README.md

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git-subtree-split: 5facc95ef61ae66b365e878f69a9e8185693da89
@geordish geordish Merge commit '4430658932762ead3661231492b8074f144ea4b6' into influxdb…

@laf laf merged commit c43970e into librenms:master Mar 30, 2016

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@laf laf added the Polling label Mar 30, 2016
@geordish geordish deleted the geordish:influxdb-php branch Oct 20, 2016
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