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Simple Directmedia Layer

Simple Directmedia Layer (SDL) is a framework for creating cross-platform games and applications.

Popular repositories

  1. SDL Public

    Simple Directmedia Layer

    C 1.8k 314

  2. Image decoding for many popular formats for Simple Directmedia Layer.

    C 61 30

  3. An audio mixer that supports various file formats for Simple Directmedia Layer.

    C 60 27

  4. SDL_ttf Public

    Support for TrueType (.ttf) font files with Simple Directmedia Layer.

    C 47 17

  5. An SDL-1.2 compatibility layer that uses SDL 2.0 behind the scenes.

    C 38 9

  6. SDL_net Public

    A simple, cross-platform wrapper over TCP/IP sockets.

    Shell 30 12



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