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Build both the .tar.gz and .zip archives when creating a CVS snapshot.

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slouken committed Feb 27, 2006
1 parent 5b9b100 commit 7d9afbb3b43e2e0f473ac6cf65ed9e6ded794cf5
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@@ -153,5 +153,6 @@ snapshot:
cvs -d $(CVSROOT) checkout -P SDL12
(cd SDL12 && ./ && rm -rf autom4te.cache)
mv SDL12 SDL-1.2
tar zcvf $(HOME)/SDL-1.2.tar.gz SDL-1.2
tar zcf $(HOME)/SDL-1.2.tar.gz SDL-1.2
zip -r $(HOME)/ SDL-1.2
rm -rf SDL-1.2

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