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Android: Removed all unnecessary dependencies on C++.

C++ is a bit of a minefield on Android. Much functionality still doesn't work, and Android can't decide on which C++ standard library to use, so it provides 3 different ones, all of which are incompatible with each other. (It looks like clang is coming too which will add a new compiler and a 4th standard library.)

As middleware, SDL might be distributed as a binary and intermixed with other projects already using C++. If C++ is intermixed in a bad way, bad things will happen. Removing dependencies on C++ will avoid this problem and downstream users won't have to worry/care.
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Eric Wing committed Jul 22, 2013
1 parent 8ae0913 commit a0b0b65f0009c6899eb6237e507f0de996c1cbf1
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ LOCAL_SRC_FILES := \
$(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/src/audio/dummy/*.c) \
$(LOCAL_PATH)/src/atomic/SDL_atomic.c \
$(LOCAL_PATH)/src/atomic/SDL_spinlock.c.arm \
$(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/src/core/android/*.cpp) \
$(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/src/core/android/*.c) \
$(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/src/cpuinfo/*.c) \
$(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/src/events/*.c) \
$(wildcard $(LOCAL_PATH)/src/file/*.c) \
@@ -28,10 +28,10 @@ android-project/src/org/libsdl/app/

The Java code loads your game code, the SDL shared library, and
dispatches to native functions implemented in the SDL library:

Your project must include some glue code that starts your main() routine:

@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ SDL_PATH := ../SDL

# Add your application source files here...
LOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(SDL_PATH)/src/main/android/SDL_android_main.cpp \
LOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(SDL_PATH)/src/main/android/SDL_android_main.c \


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