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Build a libvips binary for 64-bit Windows. The resulting zip file includes all necessary DLLs, EXEs, headers, etc.

Only use this repo if you MUST build libvips yourself. There are pre-compiled binaries for libvips here:

One of those would probably be a better idea.

Build with docker

Docker will make a light-weight virtual machine containing all the tools you need and then build inside that. You won't need to install any extra stuff on the host machine, and everything is automated.

First, install docker:

Make sure you're in the docker group so you can run docker without needing sudo.

Now run the build script:

$ ./ 8.6

At the end of the build, the script will display the paths of all the zip files it created, ready to be uploaded to the server. Be patient, this process can take an hour, even on a powerful machine.

Build with jhbuild

See the README in the 8.x subdirectory for instructions for building directly in jhbuild.


  • could turn on orc now

  • try installing win64 python and running it under wine so we can run the test suite? who knows, it could work


    headless install

    wine msiexec /qn /i python-2.7.10.amd64.msi

    does not set PATH, so to run, use:

    WINEPATH=c:/python27 wine python.exe


    WINEPATH="c:/python27;/home/john/GIT/build-win64/8.1/x/vips-dev-8.1.1/bin" GI_TYPELIB_PATH=/home/john/GIT/build-win64/8.1/x/vips-dev-8.1.1/lib/girepository-1.0 wine python