Colorful light color scheme for Vim inspired by Apple's WWDC17 page
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WWDC17 Color Scheme for Vim

WWDC17 Color Scheme

A colorful light theme for Vim inspired by the colors of 2017's WWDC event.

Looking for a companion dark theme? Check out vim-wwdc16-theme!

This color scheme works out of the box everywhere. For the best experience, you need:

WWDC17 also works in MacVim, gVim, etc…: no configuration is needed.

For terminals not supporting true colors, WWDC17 will fall back to use a (pretty good) approximate palette based on xterm's 256 colors.


Put the following options in your vimrc to customize the color scheme.

  • Give your theme a unique touch by selecting a different frame color:

      let g:wwdc17_frame_color = 10

    This is the color of the status line, tab line, and vertical splits. The value of this option should be a number between 0 and 15.

  • Disable italics in the terminal:

      let g:wwdc17_term_italics = 0

    Italics is used by default, but it requires support from the terminal and the font.

  • Use a transparent background in the terminal:

      let g:wwdc17_transp_bg = 1

The color palette is available through g:terminal_ansi_colors.

WWDC17 Frames


Do you want to hack the theme? Install the Colortemplate ftplugin and modify wwdc17.colortemplate, then rebuild the colorscheme with the :Colortemplate command.

If you extend or improve WWDC17, please consider submitting a pull request!