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Welcome to Liferay's official documentation project, the home of Liferay Developer Network articles. All articles are written in Markdown, making them easy to write and easy to read. Approved articles are uploaded to the Liferay Developer Network (LDN) and converted automatically to HTML. In this project, you can contribute new articles, improve existing articles, or fix documentation bugs. To produce documentation that is comprehensive and stylistically consistent, the liferay-docs project provides writing guidelines, Markdown & tools guide, and a tutorial template.

You'll learn how to quickly add a new article and its images, next.

Quick Steps to Add a New Article

You can follow these steps to create a new article and contribute it from within GitHub.

  1. Sign in to GitHub. If you don't already have a GitHub account, you must join GitHub in order to contribute to liferay-docs.

  2. Click on the new-articles link folder below, that matches the LDN section in which you want to add an article:

  3. Click the plus sign after new-articles/: new articles folder

  4. Write your article and click the Propose new file button, to prepare a pull request.

  5. Send the pull request to the default user liferay.

  6. Drag your article's images into the pull request's comments, to associate the images with your article.

You're new article is submitted! Liferay's Knowledge Management team will review your contribution. Approved changes are merged into the liferay-docs repo and published to the Liferay Developer Network.


All Liferay Developer Network articles reside in liferay-docs repository folders, that are laid out in a similar manner to LDN's pages and articles. Each repository folder under discover, develop, and distribute represents a section of LDN's articles. For example, the discover/portal folder contains Markdown files and images that are the source for LDN's Discover → Portal articles.

The following tables show the folder locations for articles published to LDN's Discover, Develop, and Deployment sections.

Source Folders for Liferay Developer Network Articles:

 • portal/Portal
 • social-office/Social Office
 • deployment/Deployment
 • reference/Reference
 • new-articles/ (You can submit new articles here for LDN's Discover section)
 • learning-paths/Learning Paths
 • tutorials/Tutorials
 • reference/Reference
 • new-articles/ (You can submit new articles here for LDN's Develop section)
 • distribute/new-articles/ (You can submit new articles here for LDN's Distribute section)

Now that you're familiar with the layout of the liferay-docs repository, you may be interested in adding and editing LDN articles in local copy of the liferay-docs repository.

Working Locally

If you’re new to the liferay-docs repository and you want to add/edit material locally, you first must clone the project. For information on how to work with Git projects, see How do I use Git and GitHub?

To add an article to LDN's Develop section, for example, create your article, and its images, in the liferay-docs/develop/new-articles folder. Commit your added files and send a pull request to default user liferay. For more information on where to place new articles and for guidelines on writing them, see How do I write and submit my own article?

To modify an article, you can edit it locally in its repository location. After you’ve made your changes, commit them and submit a pull request to the default user liferay.

To preview an article, invoke one of the convert.[bat|sh] scripts on your Markdown file. The scripts are in the bin folder. See How do I convert my local Markdown to HTML using the provided convert scripts? for details on using the script.

You've learned how to contirbute and you know the article folder structure. Got questions? Check out the liferay-docs FAQ for answers.

We look forward to your contributions to Liferay's official docs, here in the liferay-docs project!

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