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lift 1.0 uninstaller has HOSED mvn for all mvn on box even new versions on OS X javarebel #35

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This really blows. First I got a javarebel expiration. Then I ran the uninstaller for lift. Now I can't run mvn - maven - from the command line. I get this:

Error opening zip file: /Applications/liftweb-1.0/java-rebel/javarebel.jar
Error occurred during initialization of VM
agent library failed to init: instrument
Abort trap

How can I fix this!!!!! I need to use mvn. I have work to do!!!!


Hey there, sorry to hear you are having problems. The JavaRebel expiration is annoying, but wont stop operation - they posted on the mailing list what to do to fix the expiration. Eitherway, to fix your current problem open ~/.bash_profile and then just remove the bottom lines that the lift installer added then you should be good to go before you did the install.


I almost forgot, but the installer backs up your existing .bash_profile to ~/.bash_profile.liftweb so you could always delete the new profile and rename the old one to restore your original settings / configuration


Fixed installers and hopefully provided you with an appropriate solution. Sorry for the hassle.


(In [[r:329f3e18181429bfc75cd3ba6e4c4fec76877cba]]) Re #35. More actor enhancements.

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