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Mapper backed for the OAuth Lift Module.
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OAuth-mapperLift Module

Mapper-based extension to the Lift OAuth module.

To include this module in your Lift project, update your libraryDependencies in build.sbt to include:

Lift 2.6.x for Scala 2.11 and 2.10:

"net.liftmodules" %% "oauth-mapper_2.6" % "1.2-SNAPSHOT"

Lift 2.5.x for Scala 2.9 and 2.10:

"net.liftmodules" %% "oauth-mapper_2.5" % "1.2"

Lift 3.0.x for Scala 2.10:

"net.liftmodules" %% "oauth-mapper_3.0" % "1.2-SNAPSHOT"

Note: The module package changed from net.liftweb.oauth.mapper to net.liftmodules.oauth.mapper in May 2012. Please consider this when referencing documentation written before that date.

Example Code

class MyUser extends ProtoUser[MyUser] with OAuthUser {
  def getSingleton = MyUser

object MyUser extends MyUser with KeyedMetaMapper[Long, MyUser]

class TestMOAuthConsumer extends MOAuthConsumer[TestMOAuthConsumer] {
  def getSingleton = TestMOAuthConsumer
  type UserType = MyUser
  def getUserMeta = MyUser
  type MOAuthTokenType = TestMOAuthToken
  def getMOAuthTokenMeta = TestMOAuthToken

object TestMOAuthConsumer extends TestMOAuthConsumer with MOAuthConsumerMeta[TestMOAuthConsumer]

class TestMOAuthToken extends MOAuthToken[TestMOAuthToken] {
  def getSingleton = TestMOAuthToken
  type UserType = MyUser
  def getUserMeta = MyUser
  type MOAuthConsumerType = TestMOAuthConsumer
  def getMOAuthConsumerMeta = TestMOAuthConsumer

object TestMOAuthToken extends TestMOAuthToken with MOAuthTokenMeta[TestMOAuthToken]

Notes for module developers