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Hide webcam in menu if not set...

Setting webcam to blank or Null hides the webcam option in the menu
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lightmaster committed May 30, 2019
1 parent 51170f2 commit e13f076ebb11a8d71c073a7e3577c16fe2689f3c
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@@ -32,7 +32,9 @@
<?php if($weatherflowoption=="yes"){ echo "<a href=".$lat."/".$lon."/".$weatherflowmapzoom." data-lity title='see your weather station on official weatherflow map'><weather34menumarkerblue></weather34menumarkerblue> Weatherflow Map </a></li>" ;}
else echo "";?>
<?php if(!empty($webcamurl) && $webcamurl != ' ' && $webcamurl != 'Null' && $webcamurl != 'null'){?>
<li><!---webcam---> <a href="cam.php" data-lity title="WEATHERSTATION WEBCAM"> <weather34menumarkeryellow></weather34menumarkeryellow> Web Cam </a></li>
<?php };?>
<li><!--contact info---> <a href="bio.php" data-lity title="Weather Station Owner Contact Card Info"> <weather34menumarkerorange></weather34menumarkerorange> Contact Card</a></li>
<li><!--hardware info---> <a href="stationinfo.php" data-lity title="Hardware Weather Station Hardware Info"> <weather34menumarkerred></weather34menumarkerred> Hardware Info</a></li>

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