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This is a toy exmaple about how to use libsnark. libsnark implements zkSNARK algorithm. This toy example do the following:

  • The prover know a merkle tree root rt, a leaf leaf, a valid merkle branch path from leaf to rt, and prev_leaf, the relation between prev_leaf and leaf is : prev_leaf = sha256(leaf).

  • The verifier is given rt and prev_leaf, can verify that prover know a valid preimage of prev_leaf, and a valid merkle brach path from leaf to root using zkSNARK algorithm.


./get-libsnark && make && ./main


see here for details.


  • proof generation time : 10.297805s

  • proof verification time : 0.041092s

  • proof size : 2294 bits == 7 G1 and 1 G2 element. sizeof(G1 element) = sizeof(x,y) = 512 can be compressed into x coordinate and flag(8 bits) which represent y coordinate even or odd,so sizeof(compressed G1) = 264; Similarly, sizeof(compressed G2 element) = sizeof (x coordinate of G2) + 8 bits = 520 bits, so proof size is 2368 bits. the output of libsnark is different, see

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