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Lightning Dev Kit

The Lightning Dev Kit project is building tools and libraries that make it easy to integrate Lightning features in Bitcoin wallets

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Lightning Development Kit (LDK) is a library that allows you to build a lightning node without worrying about implementing low-level lightning logic correctly.

LDK is based on Rust-Lightning, a full-featured but also incredibly flexible lightning implementation, allowing you to decide how to use it.

Learn how to start adding Lightning to your apps at

🔨 Contributing to the ecosystem

Our team maintains Rust-Lightning, which we rely on to build and run LDK, while also maintaining a number of other open source projects like:

😃 Join our community

Open source is fundamental to this project and we would love to connect with you.

Follow the progress of our 2023 priorities here

Most of our communication is happening in the LDK Discord server, come say hi!


  1. A highly modular Bitcoin Lightning library written in Rust. It's rust-lightning, not Rusty's Lightning!

    Rust 949 273

  2. ldk-sample Public

    Sample node implementation using LDK

    Rust 136 67

  3. LDK Bindings for Garbage-Collected Languages

    TypeScript 46 20

  4. Main LDK C Bindings on which other bindings are built

    Rust 12 13

  5. ldk-swift Public

    Swift 46 12

  6. Lightning Development Kit Documentation

    53 32


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