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lnd v0.1-alpha

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@Roasbeef Roasbeef released this 11 Jan 17:50
· 13017 commits to master since this release

lnd - Lightning Network Daemon v0.1-alpha

This release marks the first pre-release for lnd, the Lightning Network Daemon. With this release, lnd implements a complete Lightning node capable of: opening channels with peers, closing channels, completely handling all cooperative and non-cooperative channel states, maintaining a fully authenticated+validated channel graph, performing path finding within the network, passively forwarding incoming payments, and sending outgoing onion-encrypted payments through the network.

Lightning Network Specification Compliance

Witth this release, lnd doesn't yet fully conform to the Lightning Network specification
. BOLT stands for:
Basic of Lightning Technologies. The specifications are currently being drafted
by several groups of implementers based around the world including the
developers of lnd. The set of specification documents as well as our
implementation of the specification are still a work-in-progress. With that
said, lnd the current status of lnd's BOLT compliance is:

  • BOLT 1: Base Protocol
    • lnd currently utilizes a distinct wire format which was created before
      the emgergence of the current draft of BOLT specifications. We don't
      have an init message, but we do have analogues to all the other
      defined message types.
  • BOLT 2: Peer Protocol for Channel Management
    • lnd implements all the functionality defined within the document,
      however we currently use a different set of wire messages. Additionally,
      lnd uses a distinct commitment update state-machine and doesn't yet
      support dynamically updating commitment fees.
  • BOLT 3: Bitcoin Transaction and Script Formats
    • lnd currently uses a commitment design from a prior iteration of the
      protocol. Revocation secret generation is handled by elkrem and our
      scripts are slightly different.
  • BOLT 4: Onion Routing Protocol
  • BOLT 5: Recommendations for On-chain Transaction Handling
  • BOLT 7: P2P Node and Channel Discovery
  • BOLT 8: Encrypted and Authenticated Transport

Contributors (alphabetical order):

  • Alex Akselrod
  • Aleksei Ostrovskiy
  • Andrew Samokhvalov
  • Bryan Bishop (kanzure)
  • Bryan Vu
  • Christopher Jämthagen
  • Evgeniy Scherbina
  • John Newbery
  • Joseph Poon
  • Mykola Sakhno
  • Olaoluwa Osuntokun (roasbeef)
  • Riccardo Casatta
  • PaulCapestany
  • Slava Zhigulin
  • Tadge Dryja