LinBox - C++ library for exact, high-performance linear algebra
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The Linbox Library

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The Linbox library provides functionality for exact linear algebra. See doc/mainpage.doxy for more info.

Quick Install

Download and run it!

For instance, on a machine with an installation of GMP and OpenBLAS in the standard search paths:

./ --stable=yes --make-flags="-j 3" --with-blas-libs="-lopenblas"

This script will install stable versions of Givaro, fflas-ffpack and then LinBox.

Here is another example fetching and installing the latest versions of Givaro, OpenBLAS, fflas-ffpack and then LinBox.

./ --enable-openblas=yes


In brief: ./configure <options> && make && make install

See INSTALL for generic installation information.




  • fflas-ffpack and by transitivity:
  • any BLAS (Fortran or C): e.g. ATLAS, OpenBLAS, ...
  • Givaro
  • GMP

Optional Dependencies

  • NTL,
  • IML,
  • FLINT,
  • M4RI,
  • M4RIE

See doc/install*html for details.

This library requires the GNU C++ compiler (gcc-4.3 or newer) or any compiler supporting advanced template features.

Contact and discussions

Corrections, suggestions and comments to