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LINCC Frameworks Python Project Template

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This project template codifies LINCC-Framework's best practices for python code organization, testing, documentation, and automation. It is meant to help new python projects get started quickly, letting the user focus on writing code. The template takes care of the minutia of directory structures, tool configurations, and automated testing until the user is ready to take over.

Copier is required to use this template. Copier is an open source tool that hydrates projects from templates and natively supports updating projects as the original template matures. It's really neat!

Our template works best with Copier v9.1 and above. For all the information, see the detailed user guide in readthedocs

Getting started

Choose where you would like to create your new project, and call copier with the template.

copier copy gh:lincc-frameworks/python-project-template <path/to/destination>
cd <path/to/destination>
# Create a virtual environment, feel free to use conda, pyenv or your favorite tool
python3 -mvenv ~/.virtualenvs/<env_name>
source ~/.virtualenvs/<env_name>/bin/activate

Contributing to the Template

GitHub issue custom search in repo

See full documentation at readthedocs


This project is supported by Schmidt Sciences.