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OGC SensorThings Faker

Build Status

This application starts a GOST OGC SensorThings server and populates it with dummy observations and location history.


  1. Download the docker-compose script and start all containers:
docker-compose up -d
  1. Wait several minutes to have some data to work with. You should be able to fetch observations from: http://localhost:8095/v1.0/Observations

The server root URL is: http://localhost:8095/v1.0

Visualize in Grafana using the latest SensorThings plugin

  1. Clone the plugin source code
git clone linksmart-sensorthings-datasource
  1. Start Grafana with Worldmap Panel
docker-compose -f docker-compose-grafana.yml up -d

Open Grafana: http://localhost:3000 (default user: admin, password: admin). 3. Add SensorThings datasource, configure with:

  • URL: http://gost:8080/v1.0
  • Access: server
  1. Continue with the plugin.

Tip: People Counter DS has OM_Observation type and with result of the following format:

    "rear": 6,
    "front": 2

These can be visualized with JSONPath using $.front and $.rear expressions.

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