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Lin Pengcheng Financial Analyser Homepage (林鹏程财务分析软件)
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Lin Pengcheng Financial Analyser Homepage

Chinese Name: 林鹏程财务分析软件

Copyright © 2008-2015 Lin Pengcheng. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents


Lin Pengcheng Financial Analyser is a personal amateur software.

It's the largest personal Clojure project in the world.




QQ Group id: 214691668


Object: establish Artificial Intelligence Management School (AIMS).

Method: Using knowledge integration and innovation of accounting, statistics, AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI logic rules-driven data mining automation in finance analysis, AI logic rules similar to signature scanning technology of antivirus software (identify known patterns, more accurate), data mining and machine learning is similar to behavior recognition techniques of antivirus software (identifying unknown patterns, more uncertainties), it make finance analysis software into antivirus software of ERP systems (enterprise information systems, financial systems).

Result: Building financial analysis expert system.

Conclusion: How Cool!


English Website:

Only for 32-bit Windows:

Only for 64-bit Windows:

Chinese Website:


  • AI logic rules, power by clojure core.logic.

  • Statistics, Probabilistic Programming, Data Mining and Machine Learning, power by incanter, weka, R, etc.

  • Distributed Computing, power by Immutant.


  • Migrating to JVM platform, power by Clojure Luminus web application.

  • Data Visualization, power by incanter, R package ggplot2, etc.

  • Add DataFrame & DataCube technique on DataFlow.

  • Power by JDK 1.8 , Clojure 1.9, PostgreSQL 10, html5.

  • Required OS: Windows 7 or later,

  • Required browser options: Chrome (recommend), FireFox, IE 9 or later


2.current version (0.10.2015.6.1) :

  • Increase custom the warning value, ideal value.

  • Analyze table for commonly used indicators and financial Statements.

  • Tips of analysis

  • Cross references for item of analysis.

  • Multithreading Analysis.

  • Multi-language Support: Chinese, English, Chinese-English.

  • Creative DataFlow technique (from Business management and industrial lines)

  • Generate pdf file.

  • Power by .net 4.0, Clojure-clr 1.7.0 beta 1, PostgreSQL 9.3.7, sqlce 4.0.

1.version: 0.9.2011.0520:

  • It just a demo.

  • Custom ideal value.

  • Only Creative tree expand of Dupont Analysis.

  • Only Chinese.

  • Generate pdf file.

  • Power by .net 3.5, C#, Access database.

About Author

Author:Lin Pengcheng

Birth Date: 1976.1


  • AI Expert Systems Developer,

  • CPA (Certified Public Accountant, China),

  • CTA (Certified Tax Agents, China),

  • CIA (Certified Internal Auditor, USA),

  • Senior Accountant,

  • Senior Statistician,

  • Software Engineer,

  • Senior ICD coder (International Classification of Diseases).

Education Background

  • 2011-2014, Accounting, Bachelor of Management, Sparetime Education, Huaqiao University, China.

  • 1995-1998, Computer and its Applications, Junior College, Self-Study Examination, Fuzhou University, China.

  • 1994-1996, Accounting, Junior College, Self-Study Examination, Xiamen University, China.

  • 1990-1993, Planning and Statistics, Technical Secondary School, Full-time, Quanzhou Business School, Fujian, China.

Professional Experience

  • Work at: Medical Record Office, Medical Department, the First Hospital of Quanzhou, Fujian, China.

  • Job Description: Input basic information of medical record.

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