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TLP README - 20.05.2016

TLP brings you the benefits of advanced power management for Linux without the need
to understand every technical detail. TLP comes with a default configuration already
optimized for battery life, so you may just install and forget it. Nevertheless TLP
is highly customizable to fulfil your specific requirements.

TLP is a pure command line tool with automated background tasks. It does not contain a GUI.

Separate settings profiles depending on the power source AC/battery:
- Kernel laptop mode and dirty buffer params
- Processor frequency scaling including "turbo boost" / "turbo core"
- Limit max/min P-state to control power dissipation of the CPU - intel_pstate only
- Power aware process scheduler for multi-core/hyper-threading
- Processor performance versus energy savings policy (x86_energy_perf_policy)
- Hard disk advanced power magement level and spin down timeout (per disk)
- SATA aggressive link power management (ALPM)
- AHCI runtime power management for host controllers and disks
- PCIe active state power management (PCIe ASPM) - Kernel 2.6.35 and above
- Runtime power management for PCI(e) bus devices - Kernel 2.6.35 and above
- Radeon graphics KMS power management - Kernel 2.6.35 and above, not fglrx
- Radeon graphics dynamic power management - Kernel 3.11 and above, not fglrx
- Wifi power saving mode -  depending on kernel/driver
- Enable/disable integrated radio devices (excluding connected devices)
- Power off optical drive in UltraBay/MediaBay (on battery)
- Audio power saving mode - hda_intel, ac97

Additional functions:
- I/O scheduler (per disk)
- X86 energy perf policy
- USB autosuspend with device blacklist/whitelist (input devices excluded automatically)
- Enable or disable integrated radio devices upon system startup and shutdown
- Restore radio device state on system startup (from previous shutdown)
- Radio device wizard: switch radios upon network connect/disconnect and dock/undock
- Disable Wake On LAN
- Integrated WWAN and bluetooth state is restored after suspend/hibernate
- Untervolting of Intel processors - requires kernel with PHC-Patch
- Battery charge thresholds - ThinkPads only
- Recalibrate battery - ThinkPads only

All TLP settings are stored in /etc/default/tlp. The default configuration
provides optimized power saving out of the box.

Read the the full documentation at:

Or take a look at the manpages:
- tlp
- tlp-stat (display tlp status and active settings)
- wifi, bluetooth, wwan (switch wireless devices on/off)
- run-on-ac, run-on-bat
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