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Dock application of DDE
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.tx setup tx and ts files Sep 28, 2015
cmake/DdeDock feat: support dde-dock.pc Nov 5, 2018
debian chore: disable show animation for sw mips and arm Jul 5, 2019
frame fix: crash at AppDragWidget Jul 15, 2019
interfaces feat: update dock plugin version Feb 14, 2019
plugins Link some develop libraries to fix build for some distributions. Jul 18, 2019
translations i18n: remove fi_FI translation file Jul 23, 2019
widgets fix(sound): not update when volume changed Jul 18, 2018
.gitignore chore(trash): now trash plugin is a part of dde-dock Oct 12, 2018 update changelog to 4.10.6 Jul 5, 2019
CMakeLists.txt chore: disable show animation for sw platform Jun 25, 2019
LICENSE Add GPLv3 LICENSE file Feb 20, 2017 update README Mar 15, 2019
dde-dock.pc feat: support dde-dock.pc Nov 5, 2018 improve: complete technology doc Mar 8, 2019 add translations file Aug 5, 2016

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