Why not Marlin? #2

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I've been using Marlin for over a year now. I was using it back when it was called Nautilus Elementry.

It really seems like a waste of effort to fork Nautilus since it has turned into a flaming pile of shit in the last few years.

Marlin isn't perfect and it needs some more features, but it's still 1000x better than Nautilus, and it needs more contributors.

Please consider it.


This is not an Nemo related issue and therefore should be discussed somewhere else IMHO


I know, but this is the only place I could find to bring it up. If glebihan had posted his email, I would have sent it to him directly.

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We're considering many options, marlin included. Thanks for suggesting it. I'm keeping the issue open until we make a call on this.

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The decision was made to continue developing nemo. The main reason wasn't a direct comparison of the browsers currently available (that would be more relevant to Mint than to Cinnamon), but the fact that long-term it's important for Cinnamon to extend the definition of its interface and the experience it provides to the desktop management.

I took the opportunity to review Marlin and it is indeed a very good file browser. I hope we can work with the Marlin devs, not together on the same project, but towards achieving similar goals and exchanging ideas. We'll certainly learn from what they've achieved (I can see already there's things there regarding pathbars and view selections we're interested in getting done as well) and we'll certainly have a lot to share as well (we thought about actions a lot and found many little things that needed improvement).

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