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Liquid Projections

Liquid Projections (or LP for short) is a set of highly efficient building blocks that each provide value on their own, but shine when used together to build synchronous and asynchronous projectors. It’s the culmination of years of (painful) experiences and has been battle-tested in production for almost two years now. It’s distributed as a collection of NuGet packages that ensure you only need to take dependencies on things you really need. Read more about this project at

What is this repo?

This repository holds the source code for the basic building blocks for creating event maps, simple storage-agnostic projectors, collecting projection statistics and exposing statistics as HTTP APIs. It builds the NuGet packages LiquidProjections, LiquidProjections.Abstractions, LiquidProjections.Owin, LiquidProjections.Testing,

How to get started?

See the Getting Started documentation.