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Useful utility collection with zero dependencies.

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Licia is a utility library that focus on getting daily works done. Unlike other libraries such as underscore, mout, which strictly separates its functions into several categories like array, string and function etc. licia is just a deadly simple collection of over 400 micro modules dealing problems in different aspects.


Installing one library brings you tons of useful utilities:

  • A dom module with jQuery coding style.
  • A cookie library.
  • dateFormat that is good enough to handle most date related work.
  • A Promise polyfill.
  • A micro event emitter library.
  • Ajax and its Promise version fetch.
  • Useful functions from underscore, such as shuffle, unique.
  • mkdir, like mkdirp the module that has many dependents in npm.
  • ...


Just install licia and use it like any other npm utility modules such as lodash.

npm i licia --save
const uuid = require('licia/uuid');

console.log(uuid()); // -> 0e3b84af-f911-4a55-b78a-cedf6f0bd815

Looking for Licia modules written in ES6 or smaller bundle sizes? Check out licia-es. There is also an online tool to build a customized utility library, check here.


Read Contributing Guide for development setup instructions.