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Blightmud MCP

This is a plugin for Blightmud that implements the MUD Client Protocol v2.1.

Supported Packages

Package Description
dns-com-vmoo-client Report client name and version to the MOO. Also sets @linelength based on terminal width.
dns-org-mud-moo-simpleedit Allow editing of MOO verbs and lists in an external editor.
dns-com-awns-status Write arbitrary text to the client status bar.

In addition, for MOOs that don't support MCP, these scripts include support for the early LambdaMOO local editing protocol.


Within Blightmud:

  1. /add_plugin
  2. /enable_plugin blightmud_mcp

NOTE: macOS users will need to change the stat_command option in main.lua. See Configuration below.


Command Effect
/mcp [setting] [value] View or change plugin options. See Configuration below.
/linelen Set your @linelength based on your terminal width. (dns-com-vmoo-client)
/flush Reset the local editor. This deletes all intermediary .moo files and stops monitoring them for changes. (dns-org-mud-moo-simpleedit or LambdaMOO local edit)
/flush-all Delete all intermediary .moo files, including those belonging to other Blightmud instances.
/editing Display a list of files currently open for editing.


While not necessary to get going (unless you use macOS...), you can customize some settings using the /mcp command. When supplied with no arguments, it will print your current settings. When provided with a single argument (e.g. /mcp simpleedit_timeout) it will print the current value of that setting. When provided when two arguments, it will change the setting (e.g. /mcp simpleedit_timeout 0).

Setting Effect
simpleedit_path The path where editor files are created.
simpleedit_timeout The amount of time, in seconds, to wait after editing a file before it's considered abandoned and deleted. 0 disables the timeout.
edit_command The command executed to launch your editor.
stat_command Your 'stat' command. macOS users should use the Homebrew gstat command.
lambdamoo_connect_string The string used to identify a MOO and initialize the LambdaMOO local edit protocol. (Only applies to MOOs without MCP 2.1.)
debug_mcp Don't hide out-of-band MCP communication. Show additional debugging messages.

Note: Some setting require reloading the plugin before they take effect.

Edit Command Substitions

The edit_command variable accepts these substitutions:

String Substitution
%NAME The name of the verb or list being edited.
%FILE The path to the file being edited.

For example, if you're using tmux and want to open an editor in a new tmux window, you could do something like:

edit_command = "tmux new-window -n %NAME vim -c \"set syntax=moo\" %FILE"


A plugin for Blightmud that implements the MUD Client Protocol (MCP 2.1) and some common packages.







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