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Support for data science, machine learning, and more - within Kojo
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Support for data science, machine learning, and more - within Kojo.

Current Features (work in progress, but functional):

  • Data Frames (via Tablesaw)
  • Plotting (via XCharts)
  • Neural Networks (via Tensorflow)
  • Graphs (Bfs, Dfs, A* search, etc)

A lot of this stuff works best with the upcoming Kojo 2.7.05, which has a Data Exploration pane to enable interactive data analysis, algorithm exploration, and more...

Upcoming Features:

  • Reinforcement learning (for games and robots)
  • Search algorithms
  • Constraint Satisfaction
  • Constraint Logic Programming
  • Genetic Algorithms

To use Kojo-AI within Kojo, copy artifacts from this repo into the Kojo libk directory:
sbt buildDist
mv ~/.kojo/lite/libk ~/.kojo/lite/libk.bak
cp -var dist ~/.kojo/lite/libk

Then (re)start Kojo to start using Kojo-AI.

A blog post with examples will be available soon. In the meantime here are some (raw) examples:

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