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LITEMINT is a tech company that breaks barriers and creates innovative products to connect crypto enthusiasts, collectors and gamers to unique experiences


  1. litemint litemint Public

    A bespoke Stellar wallet for gamers and collectors—open source, noncustodial, limitless.

    JavaScript 49 20

  2. litemint-soroban-contracts litemint-soroban-contracts Public

    Litemint Soroban smart contracts

    Rust 5 1

  3. soroban-kit soroban-kit Public

    Forked from FredericRezeau/soroban-kit

    Fast, lightweight functions and macros with lean, targeted functionality for Soroban smart contract development.

    Rust 2

  4. litemint-io-community-resources litemint-io-community-resources Public

    Free community generated resources for

    5 6

  5. litemint-pfp-contract litemint-pfp-contract Public

    A simple NFT smart contract to issue ERC-721 compliant and non-transferable surrogate PFP tokens for NFTs on Stellar.

    Solidity 1

  6. litemint-android litemint-android Public

    Native Android host for litemint.

    Java 7 7


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