Intelligence: Rae Lives
C C++ Shell
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I still need to determine the best way to organize header files. I
think this is better than what I had before though, since the
compiler doesn't complain anymore.


I realized recently that roguelikes are my favorite genre of video games.  All
the ones I've played are very fun.  Also I realized that the only reason I
wanted to make Intelligence a sidescroller was that the animations were that
way, but that was because of the style of ASCIImator, not a decision of mine.
So I realized it was time for me to start making decisions on my own, and now
we have...

Intelligence: Rae Lives

Coming soon to color terminals near you.


To build the game, run

    $ ./

To clean what you've built, run

    $ ./ clean

To build the game for Windows (cross-compile from Linux), run

    $ sys=win ./

To clean the Windows build, run

    $ sys=win ./ clean


After successfully compiling, just run the compiled binary:

    $ build/raelives