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Our mission is to help people and businesses communicate better and fully express themselves. We believe communication and helping others are just as important as creating a great product. While developing our company, we’ve learned a lot about growing products and gained plenty of precious experience in building great relationships with customers. More than 36,000 companies in over 150 countries have trusted us.

We aim at sharing our knowledge, bringing a personal touch to online communication, and remaining passionate about what we do!

Get to know our products

Having good relations with customers is crucial for us. That’s why you can easily describe our products as tools used to communicate between your business and your customers:

  • LiveChat is an application that enables the visitors on your site to chat live with your customer support and solve their problems in a second.

  • ChatBot is an all-in-one platform for building and launching conversational chatbots without coding.

  • HelpDesk is a simple ticketing system that allows you to manage all your customer messages in one place.

  • KnowledgeBase is software for lightning-fast customer support and effortless self-service.

Customize your LiveChat ⚒️

We're constantly developing our products to present our customers with more ways to customize LiveChat and integrate with it:

LiveChat Developer Program 👨🏽‍💻👩‍💻

Join LiveChat Developer Program - built purely for developers by developers! Share your knowledge, get inspired by other developers, meet new people, and build apps and sell them on our Marketplace.

In case of any questions, contact us at

Join our community! 🫶

Good communication without barriers is crucial. We want to share our knowledge and experience, and at the same time, help people and companies not only to grow, but also communicate through the various channels and services we offer:

  • Join our Discord, where you can learn, ask, get inspired, and meet other developers.

  • Visit our Marketplace to find the best quality applications that can help your team to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Or create and publish your application and develop your skills and experience as a developer while earning some money.

Join our community and connect with other users and developers.


Take a look at our LiveChat documentation to read more about the LiveChat Platform. If you would like to help us to improve it, feel free to follow the guidelines.


  1. octopus Public

    🐙 Octopus - Internal wiki with diagrams for software and product teams

    JavaScript 293 37

  2. Source of LiveChat Documentation for Developers website.

    JavaScript 36 43

  3. Supervisor is a simple widget helping you monitor the weekly progress of your agents and their availability.

    JavaScript 16 21

  4. LiveChat design system components

    JavaScript 16 5

  5. agent-app-sdk Public archive

    A toolkit for building integrations with LiveChat's Agent App

    TypeScript 4 1

  6. lc-sdk-go Public

    LiveChat SDK in Go

    Go 10 4


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