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Sam's and Tim's talk for dotJS 2016
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dotJS 2016

This is the talk / show "{Live:JS}" for dotJS 2016 by Sam Wray & Tim Pietrusky.


You can find the video of the talk:

dotJS talk


Sam filmed our performance at the official dotJS after-party:

dotJS 2016: After-party



You can find the full script of the talk in this repository:

(It's not 100% what we said during the talk, because while giving the talk we tend to add more / remove information to create a better flow)


You can find photos of our talk / performance on the official flickr of dotJS:

We downloaded the ones that cover us here: images/dotjs_flickr


  • Meyda - Real-time Audio Feature Extraction for the Web Audio API
  • Book of Shaders - A great resource for learning GLSL (OpenGL Shader Language)
  • modV - Modular audio visualisation environment
  • NERD DISCO - Audio visualisation in the browser and with hardware (LED, MIDI, DMX512)
  • Adafruit NeoPixel - Digitial addressable LEDs, 24bit RGB colors
  • Adafruit FadeCandy - Controller board for NeoPixel
  • nerdV-FadeCandy - Node.js app to control the FadeCandy (using node-fadecandy) over WebSocket with modV
  • node-fadecandy - Library to control and send video frames to a FadeCandy
  • nerdV-DMX512 - Node.js app to control a DMX512 universe (using node-dmx) with modV
  • node-dmx - DMX controller for Node.js (library and webinterface)
  • Theatre image - By Fir0002/Flagstaffotos
  • {Live:JS} - A collective of web audio / visual artists

Related talks

If you want to know even more about audio / visual art using everything the browser has to offer, you should check out the following talks:

JSConf Asia 2016

Martin Schuhfuss, Ruth John & Matt McKegg are part of {Live:JS} and they gave the first {Live:JS} talk at JSConf Asia 2016. You can watch it on YouTube.




LED curtain



Stuff that we send to the conf organisers in advance, so we are sure that everything is set the day we have the talk / show.


  1. Can the lights (that point to the stage) be turned off?
  2. Can the lights in the room be controlled via DMX512?
  • If yes, can we get a connection to some of the stage lights?
  1. Can we practise the talk in the venue?
  • If yes, when can that happen?
  1. Is it allowed to use the fog machine in the venue?


  • Floor plan of the conf venue & after party
  • Size of the stage for talk & after party


  • FullHD projector with HDMI for both talk & after party
  • HDMI cable
  • = 6 power plugs (2 x 3 power plugs)

  • 2 x >= 4m power cords
  • Table (>= 3m wide)
  • 1 x 3.5 audio jack to the sound system (>= 2m length)
  • 2 x headset microphone
  • Timer + screen mirroring our slides

Nice to have

  • Adjustable table height
  • Two HDMI cables (>= 3m)
  • HD video switcher (for example Roland V-1HD)
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