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ColorWall is a minimal implementation of the visualizer part of the allegro
project (

ColorWall is a simple framework for implementing and displaying effects for a
wall of pixels. To add a new effect, create a class in inheriting
from Effect and implement the run() method. Add the new effect to the Effects
list at the bottom of the file. ColorWall comes with a few example effects.

Watch an example ColorWall at

ColorWall's pixels speak HSV (


Tkinter, a GUI-programming toolkit for Python:

To see if you have Tkinter installed, at a Python prompt run:

>>> import Tkinter


To run the ColorWall:


This will run your effects on the default 8x8 pixel wall. To change the width
and height of the wall, pass the -w and -t options, e.g.:

python -w 5 -t 10

To run advanced effects, pass the -a option, e.g.:

python -a

To run only the advanced effects, pass the -a and -s options, e.g.:

python -a -s
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