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show travel times for you travel time sensors
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Travel Time Card for Home Assistant

Show travel time data and open rotues to Google Maps or Waze

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Installation through HACS

Add the following to resources in your lovelace config:

  - url: /community_plugin/travel-time-card/travel-time-card.js
    type: js


type: 'custom:travel-time-card'
  - entity: sensor.google_leo_home
  - entity: sensor.google_leo_work
  - entity: sensor.waze_leo_work
    zone: zone.leo_work
  - entity: sensor.waze_leo_home

Note: some travel time sensors such as Waze do not come with the destination address with it so you'll need to specify it manually via the zone setting for an entity. You can also set a custom zone for any entity to override the destination address.


Name Type Requirement Default Description
entities list Required List of entities to show (see entity config below)
title string Optional Github Change card title
show_header boolean Optional true Show or hide header
columns list Optional ['name', 'duration', 'distance', 'route'] Customize what columns are shown
map string Optional google Open to google or waze maps when a route is clicked (google or waze only)
distance_units string Optional `` Force conversion of distance units to metric or imperial if needed
Name Type Requirement Default Description
entity string Required The travel time entity id
zone string Optional Override the destination route with a zone or add one if none is given from entitiy

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