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Sample of Socket.IO C++ Client.
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Sample of Socket.IO C++ Client.

This program provide result of command on native client's shell to web browser.

This program is explained in linked Japanese article.

How to use.

Compile native client.

$ git clone
$ cd
$ cd src
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake -D SIO_DIR=<Socket.IO C++ Client dir> -D BOOST_ROOT=<Boost dir> ..
$ make

Run server.

$ cd
$ cd src
$ npm install
$ node index.jx

Run client

$ cd
$ cd src/build
$ ./client http://localhost:8000/ <Your pc's ID.>

Access by web browser.

Access to http://localhost:8000/ and input browser's ID. Input command (like 'ls') and push button. The results on C++ client are displayed.

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