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A project to make it very easy to include reCAPTCHA-gated comments in a django app
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Django Captcha Comments

This plugin is intended to modify django's built-in comment system such that the user is required to solve a reCAPTCHA before commenting.

This code owes a heavy debt to Marco Fucci. Indeed, it is mainly a wrapper and a set of documentation around the code he provided here. Thanks, Marco!

I assume that his code was usable as open source; I've licensed this project as WTFPL with the intention of making it as widely usable as possible.


  • Documentation!
    • link demo app pages to the appropriate documentation
  • test for functionality
  • submit to PyPI
  • write a paver(?) script to generate the docs (or rake? or just a script?)
  • create a github site for the project
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