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668e787 Apr 22, 2011
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* The configuration file for Yahoo! BrowserPlus, included in the YAJL
* tree as a sample configuration file for parsing.
* This is the configuration file for BrowserPlus
// The type of build this is, which is accessible to JavaScript via
// BrowserPlus.getPlatformInfo();
// Different build types should only differ in signatures accepted
// (BrowserPlus.crt) and configured distribution servers.
"BuildType": "ephemeral",
// the base url for the "primary" distribution server. This server will
// be the single source of truth for Permissions, and will used to
// attain services
"DistServer": "",
// An array of "secondary" distribution servers, which will be checked
// in order for services if the primary server has no components
// available which match an issued require statement.
"SecondaryDistServers": [
// Logging Setup
"Logging" :
// Log level. Values: "debug"|"info"|"warn"|"error"|"fatal"|"off"
"level": "BP_LOG_LEVEL",
// Destination. Values: "file"|"console"|"win32"
"dest": "BP_LOG_DEST",
// Log message layout. Values: "standard"|"source"|"raw"
"layout": "standard",
// Time format. Values: "utc"|"local"|"msec"
"timeFormat": "utc",
// File size in KB which will trigger a rollover
"fileRolloverKB": 2048,
// Whether to send file logging from each service to a distinct file.
// Values: "combined"|"separate"
"serviceLogMode": "combined"
// Daemon setup
// Syntax: "Options": "option1 option2 etc"
// -fg run in foreground, log to console
// Auto-shutdown daemon if idle for this time. Use 0 for no auto-shutdown.
"MaxIdleSecs": 5,
// At the end of each BrowserPlus session a small web request is made
// to yahoo to indicate that BrowserPlus was used. This report includes
// * information about the browser being used
// * an "installation id", which is a unique token that's generated
// the first time BrowserPlus runs.
// By design, there is *no information* in this request that gives
// Yahoo! information about:
// a) the site that the user is visiting (see, "url": false)
// b) who the user is (the installation token cannot be tracked to a
// specific user).
// This information is primarily captured to help Yahoo! understand
// adoption and usage of the BrowserPlus platform.
"enabled": true,
"url": false,
"id": true
// "Breakpoints" is an array of strings holding named breakpoints.
// Platform code checks for specific entries at certain key points, and if
// a matching entry is found here a DebugBreak will be performed.
// For developers with Visual Studio installed, the DebugBreak will cause an
// opportunity to perform just-in-time attachment of an existing or new
// debugger instance.
// The currently-defined breakpoints are listed below:
// runServiceProcess - A DebugBreak is performed in the service
// "harness" just prior to service load.
// ax.FinalConstruct - A DebugBreak is performed at entry to
// FinalConstruct of the ActiveX plugin.
// PluginInit - Very early in the NPAPI plugin initialization.
// A wonderful spot to stop and set more
// breakpoints.
//"Breakpoints": ["runServiceProcess"],
// How often we check for service updates. We guarantee at least this
// much time will pass between checks, though the true time may be
// much more if sites which use browserplus are not visited.
// The time is in seconds.
"ServiceUpdatePollPeriod": 86400
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