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Double free vulnerability in 1.0.12
#205 opened Apr 4, 2018 by zeroinside
Generator only example
#199 opened May 10, 2017 by vonj
Is this project alive?
#195 opened Oct 17, 2016 by dedok
yajj_free() should be NULL-free
#194 opened Sep 30, 2016 by cboesch-gpsw
Conformance report for reference
#192 opened Sep 9, 2016 by miloyip
--prefix option not available
#186 opened Apr 1, 2016 by bonfilsd
Unusual location for `yajl.pc`
#164 opened May 15, 2015 by dago
Release tarball
#163 opened May 14, 2015 by dago
changing callback routines mid-parse
#156 opened Mar 19, 2015 by mewalig
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