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* @nonodename, @patperry - fixed some compiler warnings
* @yep, @emaste - documentation improvements
* @sgravrock - build fix for NetBSD (and whenever sh != bash)
* @rotty, @brimstone3, @lloyd - allow client to reset generator
* @sgravrock - remove bash dependencies
* @lloyd - add api tests
* @rflynn - remove ruby dependency
* @cloderic - nmake install works on windows
* @shahbag - build fix for qnx
* @breese - debugging improvements
* @lloyd - json_verify supports -s flag for stream processing
* @lloyd - json_reformat supports -s flag for stream processing
* @jcekstrom - additional checking in integer parsing
* @jcekstrom - fix a bug in yajl_tree that would cause valid json integersto fail to parse
* @plaguemorin - fix a memory leak in yajl_tree (error strings were being leaked)
* @7AC - reset errno
* @ConradIrwin - include flags to reformatter to allow toggling of escape solidus option
* John Stamp generation of a pkgconfig file at build time.
* @robzuber bugfix in yajl_tree_get()
* @lloyd - fix for compilation on 64 bit windows
* lth fix typos in yajl_tree.h macros YAJL_IS_INTEGER and YAJL_IS_DOUBLE,
contributed by Artem S Vybornov.
* lth add #ifdef __cplusplus wrappers to yajl_tree to allow proper
usage from many populer C++ compilers.
* lth generator flag to allow client to specify they want
escaped solidi '/'. issue #28
* lth crash fix when yajl_parse() is never called. issue #27
* lth YAJL is now ISC licensed:
* lth 20-35% (osx and linux respectively) parsing performance
improvement attained by tweaking string scanning (idea: @michaelrhanson).
* Florian Forster & lth - yajl_tree interface introduced as a higher level
interface to the parser (eats JSON, poops a memory representation)
* lth require a C99 compiler
* lth integers are now represented with long long (64bit+) on all platforms.
* lth size_t now used throughout to represent buffer lengths, so you can
safely manage buffers greater than 4GB.
* gno semantic improvements to yajl's API regarding partial value parsing and
trailing garbage
* lth new configuration mechanism for yajl, see yajl_config() and
* gno more allocation checking in more places
* gno remove usage of strtol, replace with custom implementation that cares
not about your locale.
* lth yajl_parse_complete renamed to yajl_complete_parse.
* lth add a switch to validate utf8 strings as they are generated.
* lth tests are a lot quieter in their output.
* lth addition of a little in tree performance benchmark, `perftest` in
* Conrad Irwin - Parse null bytes correctly
* Mirek Rusin - fix LLVM warnings
* gno - Don't generate numbers for keys. closes #13
* lth - various win32 fixes, including build documentation improvements
* John Stamp - Don't export private symbols.
* John Stamp - Install yajl_version.h, not the template.
* John Stamp - Don't use -fPIC for static lib. Cmake will automatically add it for the shared.
* lth 0 fix paths embedded in dylib upon installation on osx. closes #11
* lth remove -Wno-missing-field-initializers for greater gcc compat (3.4.6)
* Brian Maher - yajl is now buildable without a c++ compiler present
* Brian Maher - fix header installation on OSX with cmake 2.8.0 installed
* lth & vitali - allow builder to specify alternate lib directory
for installation (i.e. lib64)
* Vitali Lovich - yajl version number now programatically accessible
* lth - prevent cmake from embedding rpaths in binaries. Static linking
makes this unneccesary.
* lth - fix inverted logic causing yajl_gen_double() to always fail on
win32 (thanks to Fredrik Kihlander for the report)
* Randall E. Barker - move dllexport defnitions so dlls with proper
exports can again be generated on windows
* lth - add yajl_get_bytes_consumed() which allows the client to
determine the offset as an error, as well as determine how
many bytes of an input buffer were consumed.
* lth - fixes to keep "error offset" up to date (like when the
client callback returns 0)
* Brian Maher - allow client to specify a printing function in
* lth fix win32 build (isinf and isnan)
* lth fix several compiler warnings
* lth fix generation of invalid json from yajl_gen_double
(NaN is not JSON)
* jstamp support for combining short options in tools
* jstamp exit properly on errors from tools
* octo test success no longer depends on integer size
* max fix configure --prefix
* lth several performance improvements related to function
* lth fix broken utf8 validation for three & four byte represenations.
thanks to and
* lth fix syntax error in cplusplus extern "C" statements for wider
compiler support
* lth update doxygen documentation with new sample code, passing NULL
for allocation functions added in 1.0.0
* lth resolve crash in json_reformatter due to incorrectly ordered
* lth add 'make install' rules, thaks to Andrei Soroker for the
* lth client may override allocation routines at generator or parser
allocation time
* tjw add yajl_parse_complete routine to allow client to explicitly
specify end-of-input, solving the "lonely number" case, where
json text consists only of an element with no explicit syntactic
* tjw many new test cases
* tjw cleanup of code for symmetry and ease of reading
* lth integration of patches from Robert Varga which cleanup
compilation warnings on 64 bit linux
* lth buffer overflow bug in yajl_gen_double s/%lf/%g/ - thanks to
Eric Bergstrome
* lth yajl_number callback to allow passthrough of arbitrary precision
numbers to client. Thanks to Hatem Nassrat.
* lth yajl_integer now deals in long, instead of long long. This
combined with yajl_number improves compiler compatibility while
maintaining precision.
* lth better ./configure && make experience (still requires cmake and
* lth fix handling of special characters hex 0F and 1F in yajl_encode
(thanks to Robert Geiger)
* lth allow leading zeros in exponents (thanks to Hatem Nassrat)
* lth doxygen documentation (html & man) generated as part of the
* lth many documentation updates.
* lth fix to work with older versions of cmake (don't use LOOSE_LOOP
* lth work around different behavior of freebsd 4 scanf. initialize
parameter to scanf to zero.
* lth all tests run 32x with ranging buffer sizes to stress stream
* lth yajl_test accepts -b option to allow read buffer size to be
* lth option to validate UTF8 added to parser (argument in
* lth fix buffer overrun when chunk ends inside \u escaped text
* lth support client cancelation
* lth on windows build debug with C7 symbols and no pdb files.
* fix yajl_reformat and yajl_verify to work on arbitrarily sized
* fix win32 build break, clean up all errors and warnings.
* fix optimized build flags.
* optionally support comments in input text
* Initial release