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labath DWARF: Port most of other sections over to DWARFContext
This moves the sections from SymbolFileDWARF to DWARFContext, where it
was trivial to do so. A couple of sections are still left in
SymbolFileDWARF. These will be handled by separate patches.

git-svn-id: 91177308-0d34-0410-b5e6-96231b3b80d8
Latest commit 1ecaf39 May 20, 2019
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cmake [CMake] Add first CMake cache files May 17, 2019
docs Update list of supported architectures. May 17, 2019
examples [crashlog] Use loads() instead of readPlistFromString() for python 3. May 18, 2019
include/lldb [CommandInterpreter] Refactor SourceInitFile May 17, 2019
lit [lldb] [lit] Skip more tests when Python is unavailable May 19, 2019
lldb.xcodeproj Fix the output file dependency for May 9, 2019
lldb.xcworkspace Remove accidentally commited file in xcshareddata Feb 5, 2019
packages/Python/lldbsuite Make sure GetObjectDescription falls back to the Objective-C runtime. May 16, 2019
resources [CMake] Revised LLDB.framework builds Jan 4, 2019
scripts Make SBDebugger.RunCommandInterpreter callable from Python. May 15, 2019
source DWARF: Port most of other sections over to DWARFContext May 20, 2019
test [CMake] Fix subtle CMake bug Apr 29, 2019
third_party/Python/module [lldb/thirdparty] Remove unneeded files, asked by Jonas. Mar 12, 2019
tools [CMake] Inline info plist in lldb driver May 17, 2019
unittests minidump: Remove checked-in files used for testing MemoryList handling May 20, 2019
utils [lldb] [lit] Add tests for reading ZMM registers (AVX512) Apr 29, 2019
.arcconfig Upgrade all the .arcconfigs to https. Jul 14, 2016
.clang-format Updated .clang-format rules so bring LLDB in line with LLVM standards. Sep 6, 2016
.gitignore Add .noindex to the gitignore Apr 5, 2019
CMakeLists.txt [CMake] Add error to clarify that lldb requires libcxx May 15, 2019
CODE_OWNERS.txt Fix/unify the spelling of Objective-C. Jun 13, 2018
INSTALL.txt Fix build URL in new LLDB website May 1, 2019
LICENSE.TXT Fix typos throughout the license files that somehow I and my reviewers Jan 21, 2019 *** This commit represents a complete reformatting of the LLDB source… Sep 6, 2016
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