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background web publishing via launchd, kicker, rsync, s3sync, and growl

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To share static files from my laptop to the web, I wanted something like Dropbox's automatic background file sync, but only publishing one-way to my own server and S3.

This seems to do it for me, on my Mac OS X laptop. This may or may not be useful to you.


These instructions are woefully incomplete.

  • Run sudo gem install s3sync
    • Read about how to set s3sync up. It's not too hard, but I'm too lazy to detail how
  • Run sudo gem install kicker
  • Install growlnotify
  • Make sure ssh-agent is running.
    • This seems to be taken care of under OS X Leopard after you've ssh'ed to a host.
  • Edit conf/
  • Run ./bin/
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