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The website of the Journal of Southern Religion, powered by Jekyll
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This is the source code for the website of the Journal of Southern Religion, a peer-reviewed, open-access scholarly journal devoted to the study of religion in the American South.

This site is generated by Jekyll and various other libraries.


The master branch contains the development version. See tags and other branches as necessary.


You will need the version of Ruby specified in the .ruby-version file. You will then have to install the necessary gems by running bundle install. You can then use rake preview or rake pow (if you have Pow installed) to generate and preview the site.

Here is a more verbose guide to installing the necessary Ruby and gems if you're on a Mac. If you're on Linux, you don't need help; if you're on Windows, you're on your own.

First install Homebrew. (Install some software to install other software to install other software to install other software.)

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Now install rbenv and ruby-build. (Install some software to install other software to install other software.)

brew update
brew install rbenv ruby-build
echo 'eval "$(rbenv init -)"' >> ~/.bash_profile

Open a new terminal tab. Navigate to the folder with the JSR.

Install Ruby 2.1.4. (Install some software to install other software.)

rbenv install 2.1.4
rbenv rehash

Make sure you have the right Ruby.

ruby --version
which ruby

Now install the software we actually want.

gem install bundler
rbenv rehash
bundle install
rbenv rehash

Now run the site.

bundle exec rake preview


The markup and code for this site is copyrighted by Lincoln Mullen, and licensed under the terms of the MIT License. You are free to use the markup for whatever purpose you wish. In general, this includes all files outside of the issues/, _posts/, and other content directories. See the file LICENSE-code.txt for the full license.

The content for this site is copyrighted by the Journal of Southern Religion, and licensed CC-BY. The content files include but are not limited to those in the issues/, _posts, and assets/podcast/ directories.

The site includes other libraries, which are available under their respective licenses.


Lincoln Mullen\ Web Editor, Journal of Southern Religion\

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