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Who are we?

Not difficult to answer; just a bunch of loosely connected people interested in different topics of computer science. Some of us are cyber-bullshit-bingo security enthusiasts, whereas others are e.g. more into mathematics ... in the end, all are somehow related to computer science and the underlying stuff.

Team localos was founded around 2014 by @solacol to provide some kind of platform for mainly students interested in learning IT security.

We started with about four members, who are still forming the core:

Of course, we usually get some help during crunch time just before a CTF event or other related deadlines.

Most noteworthy helpers over the years:

What will you find here?

Almost nothing, besides some research related stuff and maybe some experiences in terms of organizing and setting up capture the flag events.

It is all about cyber, right?

Last but not least, why are we using the bullshit prefix cyber in our CTFs instead of maybe commonly known formats like flag{}? Cause we can ... and, we think this term is characterized by the media and people who think they are the greatest. Ask ten different people for a definition and you'll get ten different ones. So this is our statement what we think of this term without being abusive.

Apt quotation:

"For IT security no one will pay, but for cyber security."

Capture the Flag

Usually we are focusing on building and organizing CTF events, so you might find some facts and challenges here.


Some notes about stuff nobody is interested in, but who cares ;)

... stay tuned ...

Eventinfo and Challenges

Event information/stats and challenges build for or solved of certain CTFs.


All copyright etc. of stuff found here (in this repository) belongs to the person(s) who created the corresponding content, e.g. logos, challenges, design. If it can not be broken down to a single person, copyright belongs to Team localos.

As long as you keep this notice, you can do whatever you want with challenges posted in this repository. If you want to give something in return, keep on playing CTFs and always be nice to creators/organizers of CTF events. And of course be part of our events and drink a beer with us.

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