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  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.17.5
  • Updated package.json template


  • Updated lodash to v4.17.4


  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.17.3


  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.17.2


  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.17.1


  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.17.0


  • Updated lodash to v4.16.6


  • Fixed copyright header modifications of builds
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.16.5


  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.16.4


  • Removed unused code paths & consolidate mappings
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.16.3


  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.16.2


  • Added support for matching functions wrapped in parentheses


  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.16.0


  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.15.0


  • Improved modularized build times by 3x
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.14.2


  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.14.1


  • Made npm package builds zero-dependency modules
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.14.0


  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.13.1


  • Ensured core builds are labeled as custom builds
  • Ensured “es” builds include “.js” in module paths
  • Ensured headers are added to built npm packages
  • Removed global export when not exporting as such
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.13.0


  • Ensured builds aren’t marked as custom for specifying an output path
  • Ensured caches are inlined in built npm packages
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.12.0


  • Simplified core build of _.isEmpty
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.11.2


  • Updated lodash to v4.11.1


  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.11.0


  • Updated npm package build of _.flow & _.flowRight
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.10.0


  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.9.0


  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.8.2


  • Updated lodash to v4.8.1


  • Ensured package.json files aren’t cached by require.cache
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.8.0


  • Ensured correct ~ version range of built npm packages
  • Switched license template to the jQuery Foundation
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.7.0


  • Updated lodash dependency to lodash@4.6.1


  • Updated core build of _.isEqual
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.6.0


  • Continued to increase forced inlining of built npm packages
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.5.0
  • Used ~ for generated private npm packages


  • Ensured the highest major dependency version is used as the build package’s version
  • Increased forced inlining of built npm packages
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.5.0


  • Increased function inlining of built npm packages
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.4.0


  • Ensure default placeholder values are set for relevant modularized functions
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.3.0


  • Ensured the core & plus commands work together
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.2.1


  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.2.0


  • Moved modularized build internals to the base of the output directory
  • Simplify keywords in package.jst
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.1.0


  • Ensured compiled templates work with the core build
  • Ensured existing dependency versions are used when overlaying built npm packages
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.0.1


Compatibility Warnings
  • Removed category names from modularized paths
  • Removed “commonjs” exports option
  • Removed “iojs” exports alias in favor of “node”
  • Removed modern build command
Other Changes
  • Added 4 kB core build
  • Added modularized basenames to package keywords for improved npm search
  • Improved “es” modularization for better cherry picking
  • Removed root variable references when not exporting global
  • Removed placeholder assignments when replaceHolders is excluded
  • Removed module hoisting because npm@3 is released
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@4.0.0


  • Updated removeGetIndexOf to match strict comparisons
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.10.1


  • Isolated UMD modifications to the UMD snippet
  • Removed modern _.isRegExp replacement
  • Removed many function fork helpers & helpers
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.10.0


  • Updated dependency maps to support parseFloat as a context property of _.runInContext


  • Ensured hoisted dependencies are part of an identifier’s dependencies graph
  • Ensured hoisted dependencies don’t leak into package’s index.js
  • Ensured horizontal comments are ignored when removing unattached comments
  • Hoisted dependencies of _.sample
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.9.2


  • Ensured all context vars are renamed to global for node & npm exports
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.9.1


  • Ensured hoisted dependencies exist as identifiers
  • Skipped post processing when generating a source map
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.9.0


  • Improved modularized build times by 38x
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.8.0


  • Added “umd” exports alias for exports=amd,commonjs,global,node
  • Inlined baseProperty for built npm packages
  • Made freeGlobal detection align with freeSelf & freeWindow checks in compiled templates
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.7.0


  • Added “preferGlobal” field to the package.json
  • Ensured createExtremum & createFlow are inlined in built npm packages
  • Extracted listing & mapping modules for third party consumption
  • Fixed Closure Compiler minification of functions returned by _.flow & _.flowRight
  • Simplified regexes for detecting functions
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.6.0
  • Hoisted dependencies of _.countBy, _.dropRightWhile, _.dropWhile, _.every, _.filter, _.find, _.findIndex, _.findLast, _.findLastIndex, _.groupBy, _.indexBy,, _.max, _.merge, _.min, _.partition, _.reduce, _.reduceRight, _.reject, _.some, _.sortedIndex, _.sortedLastIndex, _.sum, _.takeRightWhile, _.takeWhile, & _.uniq


  • Updated glob dependency
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.5.0


  • Added support for category aliases
  • Added hoisted dependencies for _.sortBy, _.sortByAll, & _.sortByOrder
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.4.0


  • Added a check to avoid modularized version bumps if only the copyright header has changed
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.3.1


  • Added hoistDepMap to hoist nested dependencies of a module to its root
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.3.0


  • Added laxSemVerDeps to avoid unnecessary modularized version bumps
  • Enabled creating smaller builds when chaining is not included
  • Fixed method assignment detection in buildModule & removeMethodAssignment
  • Made the Closure Compiler Java requirement warning respect --silent
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.2.0


  • Fixed private identifier detection for built npm packages


  • Added support for independently updating built npm packages
    (e.g. lodash.keys@3.0.2, lodash.matches@3.1.0, & lodash.trim@3.0.1)
  • Improved dead code removal of inlined modules
  • Reduced dependencies of baseMatches
  • Reduced dependencies on _.matches &
  • Updated readme.jst to use version template data for the package source link
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.1.0


  • Ensured an exit code of 1 is used when invalid arguments are provided
  • Made build auto --silent when called as a function
  • Made build provide callback the result of --help & --version options
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.0.1


Compatibility Warnings
  • Changed the categories of _.callback, _.escape, _.range, _.toArray, _.template, & _.unescape
  • Dropped testing for Node 0.6
  • Made the default compiled template filename lodash.templates
  • Made method categories singular
  • Made modularized packages use the caret ^ for dependency version ranges
  • Renamed the --debug option to --development
  • Renamed the -p to -m
  • Renamed -m & --minify options to -p & --production
Other Changes
  • Added support for compiling ES modules via modularize exports=es
  • Allowed compiled templates to work without lodash by specifying moduleId=none
  • Allowed modularized & minified builds to support the sourceURL option of _.template
  • Ensured whitespace in compiled templates is not modified
  • Ensured template file path patterns are normalized
  • Made modularized builds include modules for method aliases
  • Updated fixes for aggressive Closure Compiler minifications
  • Recognised OpenJDK as a possible Closure Compiler dependency
  • Reduced dependencies of many modularized methods
  • Removed support for backbone, csp, legacy, mobile, & underscore builds
  • Switched to UglifyJS for generating source maps
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@3.0.0


  • Set glob’s version to 3.2.7 to support old npm versions
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@2.4.2


  • Ensured the @licence tag is kept for generated index.js & main.js files
  • Included getPrototypeOf check in the modern build of _.isPlainObject
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@2.4.1


  • Added dependencies for _.constant, _.mapValues,,, & _.xor
  • Added a dependency warning for the Closure Compiler if Java isn’t installed
  • Allowed the moduleId command to be used to set the AMD module ID of lodash builds
  • Included method aliases in category modules
  • Reverted = use as part of the ES module export pattern
  • Updated dependencies for _.mixin & _.sortBy
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@2.4.0


  • Added _.create dependencies
  • Added initial modularize exports=es6 support
  • Added support for recursive paths to the template command
  • Ensured _.noConflict is excluded from modularize exports=npm builds
  • Ensured “evaluate” delimiters support single line comments in minified builds
  • Ensured minified builds don’t mung _.eachRight
  • Ensured _.mixin for modularized builds is assigned correctly
  • Ensured the underscore build of _.difference works with falsey values
  • Ensured the underscore build of _.isEqual works with Object.create(null)
  • Optimized build process to remove additional unused variables
  • Updated the underscore build of _.template coerces the text argument to a string
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@2.3.0


  • Added _.difference to the list of backbone build methods
  • Ensured the iife & template commands work together
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@2.2.1


  • Added support for minus=pluck,where to simplify _.createCallback
  • Added the compat alias for builds that support older & newer environments
  • Ensured modularized exports=commonjs builds work in Rhino & RingoJS
  • Ensured modularized legacy builds are supported
  • Made the compat & underscore builds use when available
  • Removed more dead code from the underscore build
  • Removed the undocumented --no-dep build option
  • Removed getObject & releaseObject dependencies from _.throttle, setBindData, & createIterator
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@2.2.0


  • Added build commands to modularized copyright headers
  • Added support for modularize exports=commonjs
  • Aligned the underscore build of _.random more closely to Underscore
  • Included Object.defineProperty fallback in the modern build
  • Made build treat commands like exports="" as undefined
  • Made modularized builds use index.js for exports=node
  • Made modularized builds use main.js for exports=amd
  • Made modularize exports=npm create folders with the names of each package
  • Made modularize exports=npm use approximately equivalent versions for dependencies
  • Removed the @license tag from the copyright headers of generated modules
  • Updated dependency maps for lodash@2.1.0


See the lodash changelog.