Yeoman generator for a new WordPress plugin.
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Plugin Boilerplate Generator

What it is

It will generate a base WordPress Plugin project with PHPUnit, WP_Mocks and Gulp tasks.


Please read Yeoman docs for Yeoman installation.

Run generator-log-wp-plugin from npm:
npm install -g generator-log-wp-plugin


yo log-wp-plugin will generate a package.json and a composer.php with the specified dependencies, an .editorconfig, a .gitignore, a phpunit.xml and a {plugin_name}.php, and will create the following directories and files:

  • languages/
  • lib/
    • Activator.php
    • Deactivator.php
    • I18n.php
    • index.php
    • Plugin.php
  • src/
    • scripts/
    • styles/
  • templates/
  • test/
    • phpunit/
      • sample.test.php


Aditional sub-generators to generate/update files to enhance your plugin.

Where can I report bugs?

Git issues


  • <%= version %>
    • Initial release.


  • Sub-generator for Taxonomy
  • Sub-generator for Custom Post Type
  • Sub-generator for Frontend type files
  • Sub-generator for WP-API EndPoint
  • Sub-generator for Widget
  • App prompting refactor and field validation



GPL-2.0 or later