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gamby.hardware README

This repository contains the EAGLE files for the GAMBY LCD/Game shield for Arduino.

If anyone is interested in porting the design over to a non-proprietary format (e.g. gEDA), please contact me!

Design Notes

  • Every Arduino pin has a second pad. These pads conform to a uniform .1" spacing, correcting the .05" offset of the header for digital I/O pins 8-13 and GND/AREF.
  • Although it uses the same pins, this design does not use the ATMega's built-in SPI. Since this device does not support bidirectional communication, using the built-in SPI would have wasted a pin; it would have overly complicated the traces as well.
  • The traces between all of the 'used' Arduino pins and the second pad have been left uncovered by the bottom soldermask. This is to make it easier to cut the traces should the user want to rewire things -- to make use of the hardware SPI, for example.
  • The sound, D-Pad and buttons have pads for headers; the pads are shorted by a thin, uncovered trace. The sound and inputs can be disabled by cutting this trace, then re-enabled by adding a 2-pin header (3 pins, in the case of sound) and a jumper.


The items in the prototypes directory are the versions that were sent for short-run fabrication. The pin-out of the first prototype differs from the new version. The second prototype has a few minor adjustments made to make it compatible with the fabrication service (0.1" milling bit, etc.).



Thanks go out to my fellow Boston dorkbotter, Tim, for reverse engineering the surplus LCD module.


Schematic and board layout for the Gamby Arduino LCD/game shield



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