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Plex Requests - Meteor Style!


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This is Plex Requests but written with Meteor! It's been updated with an approval system, basic issue reporting, and a new visual style!

⚠️ Warning regarding Meteor 1.3 ⚠️

Meteor recently updated to 1.3, and while we don't expect any issues we advise you don't update your installation yet. You will get prompted to run meteor update once the update has downloaded in the background. Please refrain from running it, until we can confirm everything will continue to work.


  • Movie data is searched and retrieved from TheMovieDB
  • TV Show data is searched and retrieved from TVMaze
  • Easily accessible list of requested Movies and TV series
  • Simple and easy user authentication and request approval
  • Improved user permissions management 🌟

Downloader Integrations

  • CouchPotato Automated Movie Download Application
  • SickRage Automated TV Series Download Application
  • Sonarr Automated TV Series Download Application
  • Radarr Automated Movie Download Application


  • Providers

    1. Pushbullet
    2. Pushover
    3. Slack
    4. Telegram
  • Pushbullet Channels

    • You can now push notifications to a custom channel to easily notify others whenever new content is requested and added. Users only need to subscribe to the channel to start recieving notifications.
    • Visit the Channel Creation Page to learn more about how to create and distribute your own channel.
  • Telegram Bot Notifications

    • You can now push notifications using a Telegram bot to either a personal chat, or a bot added into a group chat.
    • A bot API key can be acquired through messaging the official Telegram bot, BotFather.
    • Your group chat or personal chat ID can be acquired using one of the methods here, or more easily through another bot, found here.
  • Custom Notifications

    • Users can customize both the Notifications Title as well as the Notifications body. You can access this from the "Notifications" section of the admin panel.

    • We've added the ability to create dynamic custom notifications through the use of tags; The available tags are listed and described below:

      • <type> - Type of request that was made, either a "Movie" or "TV"
      • <user> - The user that placed the request
      • <issues> - The issues associated with the request
      • <year> - Year the requested content was released. For TV shows, this is the year the first episode aired.
      • <link> - The link to the requested medias TVDB/TVMaze information page.
    • These tags can be used anywhere in the Notifications body and title. The default settings are an example how to utilize the tags in your messages.


  • Installation is straightforward: please update to Meteor 1.2.1, download and extract the latest release, cd into the directory, and run meteor. For Windows users check out this blog post for installation instructions using Git!

  • On first run navigate to http://localhost:3000/admin and create an admin account with an email address and password. If this isn't done someone else can create the admin account to your application. This account is only used for logging in, email integration isn't enabled. Once logged in, you can configure your settings and get things going.

  • Docker

    • To use the bundled docker-compose simply run it with

      docker-compose up

      (add -d to run it as a daemon)


Please visit the projects GitHub page for FAQ page


@rigrassm / @Qw-in / @leonkunert / @jeradin / @jrudio / @drzoidberg33 / @SmallwoodDR82 / @camjac251

Want to help out?

Want to make Plex Requests more awesome? Feel free to fork the repo and submit a pull request! Not a developer or rather not get your hands dirty? You can donate via PayPal to keep things going, or just simply to say thanks!


This application is licensed under The MIT License. The Plex logo, and name are copyright of Plex Inc.

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