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New Android Color Picker

This is a small library for your application to enable the users to select an arbitrary color. For example, your application has a feature to customize the color of some background, text, or maybe for a painting application where the user should be able to select different color for painting or filling.

Nexus 5 screenshot 1 Nexus 5 screenshot 2

This is a fork of android-color-picker library by brk3 ( Comparing to the original project this one is Gradle-based library module which targets API level 23 and its min supported API level is set to 7. It also has a support library v7 as a dependency.

The differences also include:

  • AlertDialog has been replaced with DialogFragment from Android support library v7
  • DialogFragment recreates on configuration change and color is retrieved from saved state
  • Software layer is set programmatically on Android 3+ in AmbilWarnaKotak due to color blending issue
  • Adjusted AmbilWarna DialogFragment for bigger screens
  • By default, a compatible theme Theme.AppCompat.Light.Dialog.Alert is used. You can always override it for your own customization

This is an Android Library Module which you can include into your application project (File > New > Import Module), and whenever used in code - Add module as a dependency.

###How to use

    // create OnAmbilWarnaListener instance
    // new color can be retrieved in onOk() event
    OnAmbilWarnaListener onAmbilWarnaListener = new OnAmbilWarnaListener() {
        public void onCancel(AmbilWarnaDialogFragment dialogFragment) {
            Log.d("TAG", "onCancel()");

        public void onOk(AmbilWarnaDialogFragment dialogFragment, int color) {
            Log.d("TAG", "onOk(). Color: " + color);

            MainActivity.this.mColor = color;

    // create new instance of AmbilWarnaDialogFragment and set OnAmbilWarnaListener listener to it
    // show dialog fragment with some tag value
    FragmentTransaction ft = getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction();
    AmbilWarnaDialogFragment fragment = AmbilWarnaDialogFragment.newInstance(mColor);
    fragment.setOnAmbilWarnaListener(onAmbilWarnaListener);, "color_picker_dialog");

###See Wiki for more details.



If you want to make me happy - just drop a few... ;)


This is a fork library of android-color-picker by brk3. It is an updated version which uses android support library and DialogFragment in particular.



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