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NOTE - Not actively developed. The project was a group exercise whilst at the University of Bristol. It serves to demonstrate what was done, but isn't actively worked on or supported.

Resonance is an asymmetrical co-operative two player game for Xbox 360 and Windows. It is written in C# using the XNA game studio and using the BEPU physics engine.


A comatose drummer lies in a hospital bed, trapped in a world which exists only in their mind. A plague of Bad Vibes, mental abstractions of dysfunctional brain cells, is the only thing standing between re-awakening and the grasp of death.

Taking on the mental persona of a Good Vibe, the left and right halves of the drummer's brain must co-operate by synchronising with a rhythm in order to destroy the Bad Vibes and return to reality. One player controls the left half of the brain; they must move the Good Vibe to strategic locations and decide what action to take next. The other player controls the right half, and must hit drums in time with the music in order to emit shockwaves of Resonance.

Only by resonating Bad Vibes at a sequence of particular frequencies can they be destroyed. Be aware, however - Bad Vibes can and will cause you harm if they get the chance.

Welcome to the Resonance Chamber. Get out of here now, or face oblivion.


Resonance was developed as a games project at the University of Bristol by Michael Jones, Andrew Lord, Mihai Nemes, Tom Pickering, Alex Sheppard and Phil Tattersall.


[ARCHIVED] A co-operative multi-player game developed for the Xbox 360 (and Windows) using the XNA game studio.




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